• A highly enriched, academic program with a capacity of approximately 25 children. The teacher to student ratio is 1:10. Our advanced and intergrated studies include geometry, history, biology, geography, zoology in addition to reading, writitng and arithmetic, art, music, and Spanish.
  • The LAMC elementary is a beehive of "engaged learners". Who work tirelessly on the subjects mentioned above, either alone, in groups, or with a teacher. However, the work plan is one the teacher creates on Monday with work assignments for each student to be finished by Friday.  The room is full of quiet chatter, a cheerful buzz of meaningful work, where children are polite, disciplined and relaxed, but serious about their school work.
  • Emphasis is on self-learning, self-discipline, reserach , leadership skills along with social-emotional development.
  • The staff is specially trained and certified at the Elementary Montessori Level.
  • Our standardized California Achievement (Terra Nova) tests each spring show our children place two to four grades above their grade level. Prospective students must be tested to be eligible for this elementary program.
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