There are no boundaries for a child at Lakes Area Montessori Center. My son started his Montessori education in pre-school and entered Ms. Roxanne's elementary class in first grade. Ms. Roxanne, Ms. Leslie, Ms. Elise and Ms. Sue followed my son's development making him a successful "whole" student. Their approach nurtures students to become critical thinkers and independent learners. This is evident not only in a child's test scores but the child's curious mind.


Ms. Roxanne is a gem and an exceptional directress. She made an everlasting impression on my son as a teacher and on us as an advocates of Montessori education.



The Bakkal Family




















Ellie Brandon (a former student of Lakes Area Montessori) is a kindergarten student at Commerce Elementary. She was recently awarded the state Honors prize for the "My Story" competition held through the Walled Lake District.


Ellie wrote a poem about what she likes and what she enjoys doing, and she won. She went on to represent her grade and her school at the state level. Ms. Suha attended Ellie's recognition ceremony and she was very proud to be on the stage accepting her certificate.


Congratulations to Ellie on a job well done. We are proud of her accomplishment.



My husband and I enrolled our oldest child in the three year old preschool program at Lakes Area Montessori. He will be in the third grade this fall and is still attending Lakes Area Montessori, as are his three siblings who will be in the second and first grades and preschool. I am so impressed with the level of dedication the Directresses have given my children. Their efforts to maximize my children’s learning abilities are greatly appreciated!


If and when one of my four children had a problem, the problem is addressed almost immediately and effectively. We have a great parent/teacher relationship and the Directresses made it really easy to work with as a team to get where my child needs to be. I want to thank all the Directresses and their assistants. A special thank you to Ms. Roxanne, Suha, and Rama (the Elementary and Preschool/Kindergarten Directresses) for their care, devotion, and patience. I am happy in recommending Lakes Area Montessori and confident that every parent will experience the same satisfaction in their child excelling that I have.


Sandy Sesi

Mommy of four children attending Lakes Area Montessori.



"Allysen Eads, our first born in our family, attended Lakes Area Montessori for the four-year-old preschool program through 2nd grade. We were delighted with the Montessori education. We became familiar with it through our experience as well as what we read about it. Allysen flourished both socially, as well as academically, and did so with great confidence. She never gave us a hard time about going to school and seemed to always be eager to get to school. We are blessed to have found Lakes Area for her.

We are sure that a minimum of the Montessori experience set her up for the independence she has displayed throughout her years in the Northville Public School system 3rd-8th grade, as well as her 4 years of Mercy High School in Farmington Hills. Alllysen earned National Honor Society and while achieving academic success, she was able to manage earning eight varsity sports letters in cross country, track and field and she played basketball for two of her high school years and logged over 300 service hours. She also earned her Girl Scout Award.


Allysen also held a job as a soccer referee. We attribute her time management and self-motivation in part to the building blocks provided at the younger age through the Montessori choice for early elementary school."


The Eads Family


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