In our classrooms, the environment is prepared to encourage the children's natural desire to learn. The kindergarten children learn concepts by working in individual or small/large groups with the different Montessori materials. They have the opportunity to move freely within the class and choose their own work. They work as if they are in a laboratory of innovation and exploration.


The materials and curriculum focus on Practical Life (daily living) Sensorial, Languge, Math, Geography, Science, Art, Music, Spanish and Computers. Once they are familiar with the material, they are presented with detailed lessons to challenge their thinking skills in a more abstract manner.


Being in a mixed age group environment, the children's social skills are graceful thus allowing them to take on more responsibilities in assisting the younger ones. Whether working together on a project/showing them how to use certain material. Our kindergarteners are guided by our knowledgeable staff to work to their fullest potential in acquiring their academic and social skills. They are given opportunities to make choices, complete and clean up their work and use peaceful ways to solve their conflicts. Through this learning, they develop a sense of pride in their "work" a feeling of confidence. There is a feel of respect, love and cooperation among each other.


  • Full day Kindergarten
  • Student-teacher ration of 10:1
  • Advanced Montessori curriculum
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